The concept of Infusion delivers effective marketing and sales lead generation to a wider range of businesses than many agencies or marketing businesses would aspire to.

Infusion’s inception came after a decade of marketing on both client and agency side by founding director Jonathan Lytle. “I wanted to make it easier for businesses to be able to put their hands more easily on the ‘right people’
in sales and marketing, and gain the benefit of a wealth of expertise to help drive their
marketing within an affordable model”.

Building up a broad base of talent, knowledge and expertise, Jonathan works with fellow
directors and a team that he believes “bridge the gap between your global agency and its
million dollar marketing – and your local marketing consultant and printers’.

Infusion offers clients a professional marketing service through tailored solutions.

These provide flexible answers whilst avoiding ‘packages’ which so many other
agencies try to pigeon hole their clients. Its solutions are reliable yet affordable,
whilst bringing the marketing profession into line with other services that
enterprises turn to for expert advice and service.

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