Marketing campaigns must turn into sales leads and appointments. Our unique “market intelligence” service uses our knowledge, contacts and research to find the people who could need your services. We will find the relevant person to contact, speak to them and find out whether they are interested in what you do. If they are interested, we will make the sales appointment for you.

Let us take the hard work out of prospecting for sales leads. Instead of mailing lists that are years out of date or endless cold calls, we will do the work for you and give you sales appointments with people who want to speak to you and want the services or products you provide.

We can also free up time for your technical sales team, by making the initial contacts, checking details and handling routine queries such as literature requests. Your technical team can then speak to people about the important technical details, and not waste time, because we will already have made sure the people your team speak to are realistic prospects.

Don’t waste time calling people who aren’t interested in your product, or spend hours battling gatekeepers. Use our sales lead generation process and you will only speak to properly qualified leads.

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