Infusion was approached by a Commercial Energy Corporate to explore routes to build and develop a list of key UK businesses in a clearly defined energy market place. With initial quota of in excess of 500,000 such companies in the UK, a small proportion requested for activity was firstly to establish a footprint in this prospective market and to see how future opportunities could best be developed.

Infusion proposed the research and qualification of data sources through a combination of industry contacts in the UK Real Estate sector, Commercial Surveyors and working in part with associate list providers.

With the list of selected companies, aimed at the Commercial Real Estate sector, Infusion proposed that an initial number of 200 be prepared that would then finely tuned to the client’s agreed criteria.

Infusion subsequently agreed to create the template identifying appropriate criteria and script. Infusion proposed research, procurement and building of a list of Commercial Real Estate Companies with the aim of identifying 20 key prospects for the client’s assessment ahead of a summit meeting to pre-qualify contacts for their proposed sales activities.
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Within 2 months, Infusion’s results enabled the client to enter into negotiations for business opportunities – at board level – with nearly 30% of its prospect matrix leading to multi-million pound contract opportunities for the client’s internal business development team to lead to conversions.

The pre-qualifying activities were deemed great success and a significant aspect of the Infusion Sales Lead Generation process found Infusion another very satisfied client.