Turning databases and mailing lists into sales appointments

Whether you have your own database of potential customers or you use one created by us (click here for details), you need to turn that database into genuine sales leads and sales appointments. We can help you do this, so that you or your sales force can concentrate on speaking to people who really want to hear about your products. We put an end to cold calling.

Our skilled staff can make contact with possible new clients. We’ll find the person responsible for purchasing and speak to them to discover whether they are interested in the things you can supply to them. If they are not interested, we’ve saved your sales team time and money they could have wasted.

But if the people we speak to are interested, we will get more details about them and their needs. We can organise the sending of sales literature and handle any initial queries. If your sales have technical aspects, we will train our staff to handle basic queries and questions, so that only the more detailed questions need to come to your staff.

Once we have done this, we can still help your team, as we can manage the sales diary and make appointments for your people.

We can do all the preparation work you need, so that you or your sales team do not waste time calling wrong numbers or cold calling – we will free up your time so that you only speak to genuine sales leads.

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